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The Old Artist Pen & Ink
Blue Mountains Pathway Pen & Ink
Catsy's Boatshed Pen & Ink
Leafy Trail Pen & Ink
Red Dirt Country Pen & Ink
Wandering Path Pen & Ink
Kynan's batshed Pen & Ink
Sandstone pathway Pen & Ink
Home Pen & Ink
Elvina Bay Pen & Ink
Welcome Swallow Watercolour
Sound asleep Watercolour
Singing Watercolour
Lost Watercolour
Girl sitting Watercolour
Against all odds Watercolour
They'll be back soon Watercolour
Bird bath Watercolour
mates Watercolour
At the park Watercolour
Friends Watercolour
Osprey Watercolour
Boy bushwalking Watercolour
Jack's bugle end page Watercolour
Boy on bike Watercolour
The ducks Watercolour
goanna prints Watercolour
The enrolling line Watercolour
Sleeping dog Watercolour